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Mytoucher is a technical website mainly focusing on professional reviews for cell phone replacement repair, the best iPhone and Android apps and solutions to smart phone hardware and software problems.

Tips to repair cell phone broken parts

Repair Phone Parts

Mytoucher instructs you how to repair a cracked iPhone or Samsung Galaxy screens through DIY methods - all free of charge!


We help you evaluate the damage, diagnose the problem and fix the broken screens or other replacements by following professional cell phone repair tutorials or guides.

free iPhone and Android apps

Enjoy Phone Apps

We round up the best or free Apple iPhone or Android apps from Apple Store or Googe Play Store for you to download - you would like it!


Thses apps are the most popular and designed with your hectic life in mind. We believe that these popular apps are right for you, for they have the functions to make your life easier and more productive.

Solve cellphone problems

Solve Phone Problems

Solutions to solve cell phone hardware and software problems, and the ways of keeping your phone safe are provided – all you want!


It is very hard for you to complete even a simple task by a device with problems, like a cracked glass, problematic battery or WiFi issues. DIY repair cracked cell phone screen or solve problems would help you save money.

Cell Phone Reviews

iPhone 6S Screen Repair Review

DIY Replace Cracked iPhone 6S LCD and Touch Screen Assembly with Frame

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Galaxy S6 Screen Repair Review

DIY Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge LCD and Touch Screen Assembly with Frame

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Android Photo Editor App Review

PhotoDirector – the Best Free Photo Editor App for Android Phone

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Recommended Cell Phone App

The Best Email App for iPhone – Microsoft Outlook

Meet Outlook for iOS, the app that helps millions of users connect all their email accounts, calendars and files in one convenient spot. Newly redesigned, Outlook for iOS lets you do more from one powerful inbox.

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iPad version of free email appSlide thumbnail
download iPhone or iPad appSlide thumbnail
Free cell phone email appSlide thumbnail
free iphone email app to downloadSlide thumbnail
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You Can Enjoy Your Smartphone Now!

Rounding up the best or free iOS and Android apps for download, Mytoucher is committed to helping iPhone or Samsung Galaxy users DIY replace their broken screens or other parts, and fix cellphone problems.

What Can You Get From Us?

The long-term health of your device is Top Priority. It includes these situations: no damage, completely workable iPhone Apps or Google Android Apps, and intact without hardware or software problems. Mytoucher helps you to fulfill these goals in the following ways:

● Identify the fake and cheap imitation parts

● Identify the original, quality, and actual replacements

● Repair your cell phone in an economical way

● Hunt for the best, fun or free apps for you to download

● Bring you great game apps or classics apps to choose from

● Make your life easier and more productive

● Tutorials to help you solve phone hardware damage or software issues

● How-to tips to make sure the long-term health of your device.

● Guides to keep your newly phone safe and high-efficient

How Can We Help You?

We sincerely hope everyone can enjoy his or her phones with no troubles all the time, but sometimes, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy users don’t know the best or suitable iOS iPhone or Android apps, let alone solve cracked phone problems or software issues. We’re here to help.

  • Provide professional cell phone repair guides to help you fix phone problems in an economical way.
  • Browse through the Apple Store or Google Play Store to hunt for the best apps for you to download
  • Supply tips and tutorials to solve cell phone hardware and software bugs, glitches or issues.

Why Choose Us?

With professional technicians’ support, Mytoucher’s reviews on iPhone and Samsung parts, Apple iOS and Google Android apps, as well as smartphone solutions can be trustworthy and valuable.

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DIY Repair iPhone 6S LCD Screen Part - It's EASY!

Reviews on Repairing iPhone 6S LCD and Touch Screen Assembly with Frame
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