The Samsung phablet-style smartphone Galaxy S6 Edge+ was launched in 2015, along with the Note 5. The new Samsung Edge plus sports a super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen and Corning Gorilla Glass 4, attracting quite a lot of Samsung fans. However, some edge+ owners meet the problems of disabled ear speaker or broken vibrating motor. Here we offer you a repair tutorial to help you DIY fix a damaged or broken Samsung S6 Edge+ ear speaker or vibrating motor with new replacement parts. 

We provide other Galaxy S6 Edge Plus broken parts DIY repair tutorials to help you save money.

How to Fix cracked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+ screen with replacement?
● How to Fix Broken Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ or Edge Plus Battery?
● How to Fix a Cracked Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+ Glass Back Cover?

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How to step-by-step fix broken S6 Edge plus ear speaker or vibrating motor with new replacements?

Required Tools: Heat gun or hair drier, Spudger, Tweezers, Screwdriver, Plastic Opening Tools, Eject Pin, screen suction cup tool and prying tool

Required Part: A new Galaxy S6 Edge+ ear speaker or vibrating motor replacement part

Step 1: Power off your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Before getting into the Edge+, you should first power off your phone.

power off galaxy s6 edge+
Step 2: Remove the Galaxy S6 Edge+ SIM card tray

Before disassemble your phone, you’d better take out your edge plus SIM card tray.

remove the samsung edge+ SIM card trayremove the samsung edge+ SIM card tray
Step 3: Heat up the S6 Edge Plus back glass cover to loosen the adhesive.

To get into the S6 Edge+, you need to loosen the adhesive holding the unit’s battery door at first. Follow the steps below.
● Use the hair drier or heat gun to heat up the S6 edge plus back glass cover. It usually takes 1 or 2 minutes to soften the adhesive.

heat up the samsung s6 edge+ back glass

● Create a gap between the s6 edge+ back panel and the LCD display assembly with the help of screen suction cup tool.

pry up samsung galaxy edge+ back glass

● Insert the case opening tool into the gap and try to cut the sticker. Sometimes, several opening tools would be more helpful.

Note: The Galaxy S6 Edge+ glass back cover is rock-solid and tight fit with the strong glued. It is quite difficult to open the edge plus back glass cover, so you need to handle carefully and gently during this process to avoid any possible damage. If you find it hard to cut the adhesive, you can reheat the edge+ back cover to soften the sticker.

cut the s6 edge+ back glass sticker

Step 4: Remove the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery door or back cover.

● After the adhesive is loosened, you can pry up the S6 Edge+ back cover and release it.

Lift up the galaxy s6 plus back glass

Step 5: Unscrew the 18 screws securing the S6 edge+ middle frame and screen assembly.

● After you remove the Galaxy S6 Edge plus back glass cover, you can use the screwdriver to twist the 18 screws now.

Unscrew the 18 screws of galaxy s6 plus

Step 6: Remove the Galaxy S6 edge plus rear housing.

● With the screws out, push the Samsung S6 Edge+ middle frame from the LCD display assembly.

Note: If you find it difficult to push the edge+ frame, you can insert a case opening tool into the gap between the screen assembly and rear housing to release the middle frame.

● The Samsung S6 edge+ middle frame is released now.

remove the galaxy edge plus rear housing

Step 7: Pry up the Samsung S6 edge+ ear speaker connectors.

● Use the Spudger tool to release the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus earpiece assembly connector on the motherboard.

pry out broken galaxy s6 edge plus speaker connector

Step 8: Remove the broken S6 Edge Plus ear speaker assembly and vibrating motor.

● Release the damaged edge+ vibrating motor part with the help of tweezers.
● Remove the broken Samsung S6 edge plus ear speaker assembly part.

Note: Both of Galaxy S6 edge+ motor vibrator and ear speaker are assembled to the front housing or frame. You need to be careful when you handle the S6 edge+ ear speaker disassembly, for the edge+ earpiece assembly is integrated by speaker and sensors.

remove damaged s6 edge plus speakerAll photo sources: JerryRigEverything

Step 9: Assemble the new ear speaker or vibrating motor replacement part of Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

● Take the new S6 edge+ ear speaker assembly or vibrating motor part.

● Change the broken edge+ parts with new replacements and assemble all the components in reversal steps.

Is it difficult to DIY fix broken or damaged Samsung S6 Edge+ ear speaker or vibrating motor?

It is necessary to disassemble or tear down your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to get the broken ear speaker and vibrating motor replaced. The most difficult part is removing the S6 edge+ back glass cover, for it is firmly attached to the frame with strong adhesive. However, if you acquire skills on DIY repair Samsung Galaxy smartphones, replacing the S6 edge plus ear speaker and vibrating motor is not much difficulty for you. Anyway, we highly recommend you change the broken or damaged S6 edge+ vibrating motor or ear speaker under the instructions of a qualified person to avoid any possible damages to your phone.

This Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus teardown or disassembly video in YouTube is only for your reference. Hope you can successfully fix your broken S6 Edge+ ear speaker and vibrating motor with new replacement part.

If you face any Galaxy S6 Edge Plus problems, please feel free to let us know through the comments below.
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