Recently, more and more Galaxy Note 5 users have posed their battery problems to forums, mentioning that they experienced Note 5 battery issues, like overheating, fast battery drain or not charging properly. For these battery problems, you can find the solutions through the article – How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery Problems or Issues. If you find your Samsung Note 5 battery is problematic or broken and you want to replace it with a new replacement, you can follow the tutorial below to DIY repair broken or damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery part with replacement.

Step by step battery repair tutorial for a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 broken or damaged battery.

Required Part: A new Samsung screen replacement – the Galaxy Note 5 LCD and touch screen assembly
Required Tools for fixing broken Note 5 battery: Heat gun or hair drier, Spudger, Plastic Opening Tools, Eject Pin, screen suction cup tool and prying tool, screwdriver tool.

Step 1: Remember to power off your Galaxy Note 5 and take out the SIM card tray.

● When you plan to fix broken Note 5 battery, you need to power off the device and remove the SIM card tray at first  

take out Galaxy Note5 SIM card tray

Step 2: Remove the Samsung Note 5 S pen.

● If you have installed the Note 5 S pen to the slot you need to pluck it.

Remove the Samsung Note5 S pen

Step 3: Heat the Galaxy Note 5 back cover to start the Galaxy Note 5 broken battery repair.

● Use a heat gun or hair drier around the Note 5 back panel edges to loosen the adhesive attached.

● With the help of suction cup tool, you can pull up a gap between the Samsung note5 battery door and the screen assembly part.

● After the gap is generated, you can insert an opening tool into the gap and cut the sticker holding the back cover.

Note: the Note 5 back glass cover is firmly attached to the rear frame with adhesive, so you need to handle it carefully and gently to avoid any damage.

Start the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 screen repair

heat up Galaxy note 5 back cover part

use suction cup tool to remove note 5 screen

Step 4: The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 back glass panel is removed now.

● After the Note 5 battery cover is removed, you need to clean the adhesive residue covering the screws holding the rear housing.

Samsung GalaxyNote5 back cover comes free

Step 5: Uninstall the 20 screws securing the Note 5 screen assembly and middle frame.

●There are 20 screws installed in the Samsung Note 5 rear frame and twisting these screws with a screwdriver tool.

Unscrew the 20 screws of samsung note5

Step 6: Separate the Samsung Note 5 screen assembly from the rear housing

● With the screws out,  push the Galaxy note 5 LCD assembly from the rear housing.

Note: There is a little adhesive strip along the corner of the display assembly. Handle carefully and gently.

separate the Samsung Note 5 LCD display assembly

Step 7: Release the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery flex connector.

● You should disconnect the note 5 battery flex cable connector from the motherboard with the help of a prying tool.

Pry up the related galaxy note5 connectors

Step 8: Prying up the broken Galaxy Note 5 battery part and remove it.

● You need to handle carefully and gently when removing the damaged note 5 battery.

Note: There are some adhesive stickers underneath the Note 5 battery, so you can heat up the battery if necessary.

Remove the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery

Step 9: Replace the damaged Note 5 battery with a new replacement.

● Now the problematical or broken Samsung note 5 battery is disassembled, and you can take a new note5 battery replacement part and reassemble it as well as the back cover in reversed step.

lift up the Galaxy Note 5 motherboardAll photo sources: JerryRigEverything

● If you experienced a cracked, broken or shattered Galaxy Note 5 screen or display, you can follow the tutorial for note 5 screen repairs: How to fix cracked Samsung Galaxy Note 5 screen.

Is it difficult to handle DIY repair broken Samsung Note 5 battery?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery is non-removable, but replaceable. If you have the experience of DIY repair smartphone, changing the Note 5 broken or damaged battery with new replacement is not much difficulty for you. If you want to replace a problematic Note 5 battery, you can purchase a new battery replacement part and the related repair tool on the Internet and follow the repair tutorial step by step to fix the broken battery. Considering DIY replace the broken Note5 battery without experience would cause damage to your phone, we highly recommend you change the broken battery with the instructions of a qualified person.

When you fix broken Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery, you’d better follow a professional person’ instructions. This broken Galaxy Note 5 battery repair video from YouTube is only for your reference.

How to DIY Fix Broken Battery for Samsung Galaxy Note 5? (Video)