The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was released on April 10, 2015, including a 5.1” super AMOLED capacitive touch screen and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 backing. With the impressive curved-screen design, it has gained lots of fans. Although its glass-and-aluminum construction and curved-edge screen are said to be future-proof, some reports about cracked or broken screen problems are given by Galaxy S6 Edge users. Here we offer you a Galaxy S6 Edge screen repair tutorial to help you fix a broken S6 Edge screen.

Replace a Broken Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Step by Step

Required Tools: Plastic Opening Tools, Phillips##00 Screwdriver, Spudger, Tweezers, screen suction cup tool and Case opening tools


Step 1: Dispatch the Galaxy S6 Edge back cover.

To remove the S6 Edge back panel, you should firstly use a heavy duty suction cup to slip in an opening pick or a hair dryer to heat up the S6 back cover part.

Tips: Samsung’s user-friendly battery replacement doors don’t apply for this S6 Edge device. Instead, it opts for a glued rear panel which is rock-solid and tight fit within the frame, so you should handle it carefully to avoid any damage.

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Step 2: Remove the Galaxy S6 Edge battery door.

● Use an opening picks to insert the gap between the frame and rear panel, then remove the handset’s back cover. 

● The Galaxy S6 Edge back cover is removed now.

Step 3: Popping out the S6 Edge SIM card tray.

● Use the eject pin tool to do the job.

remove the Galaxy S6 Edge’s back cover

The Galaxy S6 Edge back cover is removed

Step 4: Uninstall the 13 screws of Galaxy S6 Edge rear housing part.

● Use the screwdriver to undo the 13 screws installed in the S6 Edge rear housing.

Uninstall Galaxy S6 Edge rear housing part

Step 5: Separate the midframe before poping out the S6 Edge battery.

● Separate the midframe from the S6 Edge LCD Assembly part with the help of a suction cup tool or a case opening tool.

Tips: The device’s battery is fully buried behind the midframe, so you need to separate the S6 Edge rear housing carefully.

● After you dispatch Samsung S6 Edge midframe, you can check the LCD screen assembly with battery now.

Separate the midframe from the S6 Edge LCD Assembly

dispatch Samsung S6 Edge midframe

Step 6: Disconnect several connectors on the Samsung S6 Edge motherboard.

●It include the connectors of S6 Edge LCD screen, ear speaker, charging port flex cable ribbon, home button cable and battery.

Disconnect several Samsung S6 Edge connectors

Step 7: Release the S6 Edge main camera and the two antennas from the main board. 

● With all of its connectors popped, the motherboard is almost free of the S6 Edge display, so you can pry up the two antennas and pluck the rear facing camera from the motherboard.

Pluge S6 Edge camera and antennas

Step 8: Remove the S6 Edge motherboard.

● After popping out all of connectors on the motherboard, you can easily remove the motherboard out of the display now.

 Remove the S6 Edge motherboard

Step 9: Release the S6 Edge ear speaker assembly from the front housing.

● The ear speaker flex cable includes the ear speaker and proximity sensor, and it is folded in a special way.

Step 10: Remove the S6 Edge battery.

● We can get the Samsung S6 Edge battery out now. But this is a stubbornly glued battery, so you’d better remove it with the plastic opening tool or a spudger tool.

Galaxy S6 Edge ear speaker and battery

Step 11: Remove the S6 Edge lighting-fast Micro-B USB port. 

● Before prying up the Samsung S6 Edge charging port assembly, you should undo the two screws fastening the lightning-fast Micro-B USB port on the bottom. 

Step 12: The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge screen assembly with front housing is separated. 

samsung galaxy s6 edge charging port

All photo sources: iFixit

Step 13: Replace the S6 Edge screen assembly with a new one.

● Now, it’s the time to get a new S6 Edge screen assembly with front housing and assemble your broken display in reversal.

Tips: According to iFixit, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repairability is 3 out of 10 (10 is the easiest to repair). We recommend you replace the whole broken Galaxy S6 Edge LCD screen assembly rather than only the glass, for Replacing the glass without destroying the display is going to be very difficult.

When you fix broken Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD display assembly, you’d better follow a professional person’ instructions. This repair video from YouTube is only for your reference.

How to DIY Replace a Cracked Screen for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? (Video)