The iPhone generations with Wifi problems have always annoyed a lot of Apple users, and the latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are no exception. The newest iPhone adopters complained that their smartphones have Wifi connection problems, such us, grayed out wifi settings, wifi dropping connection suddenly, slow speed or incorrect password when connecting the wifi network. Most wifi connection problems are caused when the iOS is upgraded to the latest version. Here we walk you through some potential

solutions to wifi connectivity problems for iPhone 6S or 6S plus after iOS 9 update.

Sometimes, restarting your Apple 6S or 6S plus may help you fix the wifi issues. Holding down both the sleep button and the home button for about 10 seconds -> Release the two buttons when you see Apple logo -> Check out if the wifi connectivity problems still persist.

Restart your 6S or 6S plus to solve the problems connecting to wifi

Troubleshooting 2: Fix wifi connecting problem for your 6S or 6S plus under Airplane Mode

If your Apple 6S or 6S plus have trouble connecting to your wifi network or taking long time for connection, you can try tapping Settings > tap the Airplane Mode icon to on or swiping up on the home screen to access the control centre panel -> taping the airplane icon to turn it on for a few seconds. Later, you can disable the airplane mode again to test the wifi connectivity. Usually, it does help you reconnect the wifi hotspot successfully.

Troubleshooting 3: Reset network settings to solve the common iPhone wifi problems

If you have trouble with your iPhone 6S or 6S plus on wifi connecting problem since your iOS 9 is updated, you can try the following solution.

Most Wifi connecting issues can be fixed by resetting network settings. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Tap Reset Network Settings and wait for several minutes for the networking reset.

Note: You should know that resetting network will clear your current cellular and Wi-Fi network settings, including saved networks, Wi-Fi passwords, and VPN settings, so you need to make sure you have recorded all passwords.

Reset network settings to solve the common iPhone wifi problems

Troubleshooting 4: Forget Wi-Fi network to repair broken wifi issues on Apple 6S or 6S plus.

When you find you are unable to finish wifi connecting and get the message of an incorrect password, but you can ensure you have entered the right wifi password. You can try to forget the Wifi network and rejoin it to fix the wifi connectivity problem.

Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Select your connection ->Tap Forget this Network. After that, you can reconnect the Wi-Fi network by navigating back to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Select the network -> Enter the password -> Join the network.

Troubleshooting 5: Disable location services to solve the problem connecting to wifi.

Some Appple 6S or 6S plus users have reported that they’ve fixed the Wifi connecting problem by disabling Wi-Fi networking in location services. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Disable Wi-Fi Networking. You’d better reboot your iPhone 6S or 6S plus to check out the Wifi connection.

Disable location services to solve the problem connecting to wifi.

Troubleshooting 6: Reboot your Apple iPhone 6S or 6S plus, modem and router to repair the Wifi connection problem.

When you are experiencing Wifi connectivity issues at home, you can try turning off your iPhone, unplugging your modem and connected routers for a few minutes, and then reboot them. This approach solves the iPhone wifi issues in most cases.

Troubleshooting 7: Restore your Apple 6S or 6S plus to fix the wifi problems.

If the above mentioned methods do not work for you, you can try and restore your devices via iTunes and set it up as a new device.

Note: Restoring your iPhone 6S or 6S plus can get rid of the problematic wifi connection and install the latest iOS versions. However, restoring the 6S or 6S plus is a slow process and it will reset your devices to the factory setting. In hence, you need to backup all your contacts or media information and reload all the information to the iPhone 6S or 6S plus after connecting your device to the computer.

Troubleshooting 8: Upgrade to the newest available iOS versions to repair broken Wifi problems.

If you have tried the above solutions, but still face the iPhone Wifi issue, you can check if your 6S or 6S plus is upgraded to the newest iOS version, for iOS 9 has some bugs and Apple would launch new versions to solve the glitch.

Note: You’d better install the new iOS version using iTunes, which can fix issues that you maybe having on your device.

Troubleshooting 9: Upgrade to the newest available firmware to fix Wifi problems.

If the above mentioned steps are not leading to much success, you can check your firmware. Sometimes, the iPhone Wi-Fi problem may be caused by the firmware problem, so you need to confirm if your firmware is up-to-date by checking the router’s manual. Consulting your manufacturers or ISP to check about the router firmware is another choice.

Troubleshooting 10: Get support from Apple Genius to solve 6S or 6S plus issue.

If the iPhone 6S or 6S plus Wifi connectivity trouble is still unable to be worked out, it maybe related to the hardware problem rather than software problem. Therefore, you can contact Apple Customer Service for the service options or visit the Apple Store for the direct solution.

Have you faced any problems connecting to wifi with your iPhone 6S or 6S plus after upgrading to iOS 9 or iOS 9.1? If you have solved the wifi connection problems with these tips, please let us know in the comments.

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