Featuring a metal and glass unibody design and faster and less bloated software experience, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a very compelling device, but unfortunately the non-removable Li-Po 3000mAh battery packed in Galaxy Note 5 meets the battery power issues, such as reduced Note5 battery usage length, not charging properly, fast battery drain on Samsung Note 5, and other power-related issues on the Note5. Every smartphone has troubles in its battery, but there’s usually a way to get around them. Here we round up some of the most commonly reported Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery problems that users face and provide

potential solutions to fix Galaxy Note 5 battery not charging properly or fast battery drain issues.

samsung galaxy note 5 battery problems

Galaxy Note 5 battery issues: not charging properly

Some Note 5 users complained that when they try to charge their devices, the Note 5 shows “dock is connected” message, while the fast charging not working.

Potential solutions to galaxy note 5 battery not charging properly problem

● Disable or uninstall related apps to fix note 5 battery problems.

Check out if the Power Sharing popup appears on your Note 5. If so, you should uninstall or disable your Samsung Note 5 apps associated with Power Sharing. The Power Sharing app will share your Note5 battery power with another device with a Samsung special cable. You can try to disable this app to fix the Note 5 battery charging problem.
Go to settings -> Tap Applications -> Choose Manage Applications -> Tap the All Tab -> Tap the questionable app -> Select Force Stop or Disable buttons.

● Change your Note 5 battery charger to an original Samsung charger.

If the apps do not cause your Note 5 battery charging problems, you can consider switching your current Note 5 charger to another new one. The original Samsung charger designed for Galaxy Note 5 is highly recommended.

● Repair Note 5 problematic battery with a new replacement to solve the note 5 battery problems.

When you have tried a new Note 5 charger, but the battery charging problem persists, the problem may be the battery-related, which is a hardware problem. If your Note 5 is still during the warranty period, you can contact Samsung for a new battery replacement or ask them to repair your phone. If your Samsung Note 5 is out of warranty period, you can try to purchase a new Note5 battery replacement part and DIY repair it to save money.

Samsung Note 5 battery problems: fast battery drain

Some Samsung Note 5 owners suffered fast battery drain problems, like the battery power not last long after one month use or the battery drains 90% at night after full charge to 100%.
Potential solutions to Samsung note 5 fast battery drain issue

● You can disable or uninstall related apps consuming much Note 5 battery power.

Usually, the culprits of Note 5 battery drain are the installed or running apps. The apps under shopping, social networking, messaging and game categories put more pressure on the battery than any other categories. To find the related apps draining your Note 5 battery power, you can test it in the safe mode by holding down the Volume down button -> release it when a ‘Safe Mode’ button appears on the Note 5 screen -> select the button to boot your Galaxy Note5 in safe mode -> Remember that holding down Power and selecting Restart can help you get out of safe mode, which prevents the third party apps from running. If you find your Note 5 battery power in safe mode lasts longer than usual, it means that the apps are the culprits.
If you find that apps are to blame, you can uninstall least used apps. To disable or force close an app, you can go to Settings -> Application manager -> Tap on the application in question or those you don’t use on your Note 5-> Disable or uninstall them.

● Reducing Galaxy Note 5 brightness, vibration or performance to save battery power.

If you don’t mind a reduced brightness, vibration and performance for your Note 5, you can save your Galaxy Note5 battery by setting the Note 5 into a power saving mode. Go to Settings -> Tap battery -> Select Power saving mode.

● To avoid fast battery drain on your Note 5, you can turn off some features.

You also can turn off the features you don’t use and set the Galaxy Note 5 screen brightness as low as you can without making reading trouble.

● Turning off power-guzzling apps’ notification to extend Note 5 battery life.

Go to Settings -> Battery -> Check out Battery Usage -> Turn off notifications on those power-guzzling apps or replace them.

● To fix Note 5 fast battery drain issues, you also can turn off Wi-Fi scanning function.

Disable the Wi-Fi scanning function will help you save your Samsun Note 5 battery life. Go to Settings -> WiFi -> More -> Advanced -> Turn off Always allow scanning.

●To solve Note 5 fast battery drain problems, shutting down the background syncing function is a great of help.

You also can turn off those syncing you don’t want, for the background syncing may consume much galaxy note 5 battery power. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Turn off anything you don’t need to sync in the background.

Have you faced any galaxy note 5 battery problems regarding fast battery drain, charging, and other power-related issues? If so, please let us know in the following comments.

Here is the Youtube video: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Fix Battery Problem (Stretch Battery) for your reference.