As a new device, the Galaxy Note 5 inevitably encounters the Wifi problem or wireless connection problem as many other smartphones. Many note 5 users reported they experienced the greyed out or dim Wi-Fi switch on their galaxy note 5, and they found it unable to connect the Wi-fi network or difficulty to access the Internet after connecting to the network or the weak Wi-Fi signal of note 5 dropped suddenly. If you come across these Wifi issues, you can learn from the following troubleshootings to

fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Wi-Fi connecting problems or issues.

fix galaxy note 5 wifi connection problems or issues

Troubleshooting 1: Confirm if the Wifi connection or Internet connection is available for your Note 5.

Firstly, you should confirm if your Wifi connection is available.
– Go to Settings -> Select Power saving -> Make sure the Wifi option is turned off.
– Go to Settings -> Choose Wi-Fi -> Tap More -> Tap Smart network switch ->Ensure it is off.

Troubleshooting 2: Turn off the Note 5 and the router off to fix the wifi problems or the Internet connection problems.

Hold down the Note 5 Power button and select Power off to turn it off. Also, you can turn off the router for at lest ten seconds. And then turn them back and retry the connection to fix the Note 5 poor wifi issues.

Troubleshooting 3: Forget the Wifi connection and then reenter it to solve the Galaxy note5 wifi issues.

Go to Settings -> Tap Wi-Fi -> Tap the network that is problematic -> Select Forget network to turn off the Wi-Fi -> Turn it on again -> Reenter the details and set up the connections to test if the Wifi connection on Note 5 performs well.

Troubleshooting 4: To fix the Galaxy note 5 wifi issues or wireless connection problem, you can try the mode setting.

If your Galaxy note 5 wifi connectivity issues still exist, you should check if your Note5 Wi-Fi is set to close during sleep. Go to Settings -> Select Wi-Fi -> Select More -> Make sure that Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always.

Troubleshooting 5: Use an app to check your wifi connection or Internet connection channels for your Note 5.

If you find the Wifi connectivity problems on your Note 5, it is supposed that you’re trying to use a crowded channel to perform the Internet connection and you can use an app to check it out. The free app Wifi Analyzer can help you check how crowded your channel is. After checking the problematical channel, you can refer to your router manufacturer or ISP for switching to a better channel to have the wireless connection problem or Internet connection problems fixed.

Troubleshooting 6: Make sure the applications and softwares are up to date when your Note5 wifi won’t turn on.

If you have tried the above solutions, but still face the Galaxy Note 5 Wifi issue or the wireless connection problems, you can check if your note5 is upgraded to the newest available software.

Troubleshooting 7: Ensure the MAC setting is fine when you try to fix Note 5 slow Wifi issues.

When to try to solve your Note 5 poor wifi problems, like greyed out Wi-Fi switch, inability to locate WiFi network, Wi-Fi signal dropped suddenly etc, you need to make sure that your MAC filtering on your router is turned off. You also need to add your Note 5’s MAC address by going to Wi-Fi -> Settings -> Advanced -> make a note of your galaxy note5 MAC address and ensure that it is accessible in the router’s MAC filter.

Troubleshooting 8: Clear the cache partition of your Samsung note5 to fix the poor wifi connecting problem.

Turn off the Note 5 -> Hold down the Volume Up, Home and Power button together-> You will see the Android and then the recovery menu-> Use the Volume Down key to highlight the ‘wipe cache partition’ option and hit the Power key to accept it -> Use the Volume Down key to highlight the ‘Reboot system now’ option and press the Power key to restart the Note 5 -> You need to wait for the Galaxy Note5 to become active, for the reboot may take a litter longer to complete.

Troubleshooting 9: Restart your modem to fix the slow Wi-Fi or wireless connection problem with your Note 5.

When all the previous options do not help you fix the Wi-Fi problem with your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you can check if the Wi-Fi problem is caused by your modem. If other devices do not connect successfully, the modem is the problem. You can restart your modem too.

Troubleshooting 10: Confirm if your firmware is updated to solve the Note5 Wifi issues or Internet connection problems.

If the above-mentioned Wi-Fi solutions don’t work for your Samsung galaxy note5, you can call your manufacturers or ISP to check about the router firmware is up to date.

Troubleshooting 11: Contact Samsung or your Carrier to fix the problem that Note 5 wifi keeps disconnecting.

If your Galaxy Note 5 Wifi connectivity trouble is still unable to be worked out, you can contact Samsung, your carrier or retail store for the direct solution.

Have you tried the above options? Have you solved the annoying problem connecting to wifi for the Galaxy Note 5? Please let us know it in the comments below. If you have other useful solutions to fix the Note5 Wi-Fi connection problem, please tell us.