To be honest, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the most popular Android phones in 2015. However, some Galaxy S6 Edge users reported that they have suffered annoying problems on the S6 Edge. If your S6 Edge is still in the replacement period, you can contact your carrier store to replace a new one. Also, to save your time, it would be wise to check your S6 issues at first and consider if you can solve the problems by yourselves. To help these kinds of owners, we collect the common Galaxy S6 Edge issues and bugs and find the solutions to fix them. In this post, we provide some issues and the troubleshooting.

You can fix your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge problems by yourselves.

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★ Galaxy S6 Edge Notification Problems:

  • Notifications not working

Problem descriptions and solutions: S6 Edge includes a curved edge on both sides of its screen which introduces the notifications feature. Samsung adds a limited number of alerts in the notifications, so you are supposed to see some apps without swiping on the edge of the phone. If you find the notifications do not work, you can try the solution: go to Settings -> Edge Screen -> Select notifications. If you want to select more apps to be shown on the notifications, you can go to Settings -> Edge Screen -> Information Stream -> Tap the feed.

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  • How to set specific apps on Galaxy S6 Edge notifications?

Problem descriptions and solutions: Some S6 users enjoy their new phone and they are looking for good experiences about it. Take the notifications as an example, they want to be notified immediately when new information such as emails or a text message, however, they don’t know how to choose apps that will be allowed to push notifications on the lock screen. To enable the notification display on top of the Notification Panel, S6 Edge users can set app notification as priority.

Troubleshooting: Go to Settings -> Tap Sounds and notifications -> Tap App notifications -> Select the apps -> Tap the slider next to set to turn it on

★ Galaxy S6 Edge Wifi Problems:

Problem descriptions and solutions: Most S6 owners would be happy to hold the new Android phone and enjoy its superb design as well as the awesome performances. However, some encountered the S6 Edge Wifi problems and they don’t know how to fix it. Actually, it is not surprising to see that plenty of cell phones would fail to keep a Wifi connection or run into problems at some time.

samsung s6 edge wifi issues

Troubleshooting: Go to Setting -> WiFi -> Choose the network name -> Forget. After that, you are supposed to reconnect the Wifi by re-entering the password. If it does not work, you can go to WiFi -> More -> Advanced -> Turn on Always allow scanning and Keep WiFi on during sleep. If you still experience the S6 Edge Wifi connetion problem, you can restart your S6 Edge by Hold the power button -> Choose Restart, then check if the Wifi problem is fixed. If no, try the solution: Restart your router by unplugging the router from power for about 1 minute.

★ How to Fix the Auto Brightness Glitch/Bug on Galaxy S6 Edge?

When a few Galaxy fans upgrade their cell phones to S6 Edge and discover the auto brightness problem happen to their new devices. One Android S6 Edge user reported, I set the screen brightness to the max and turned off auto brightness. The display should not auto adjust regardless whether I’m in a dark area or in a well-lit environment but S6 Edge does. Other S6 edge users also reported that they have turned the ‘Auto brightness’ off and set the screen brightness to the highest level, while they go to a low-light area and they notice the screen dims. The phone automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on the amount of receiving light even though you turn off the auto brightness. It can be considered as a S6 Edge glitch or bug, and factory or hard reset won’t work and no ways to fix it. Anyway, the phone bug is far from being annoying, but if you pursuit perfection, you can wait until Samsung releases a patch to address this auto brightness issue.

★ How to Correct Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Camera Failed Error?

Some guys complained that their Android phone – S6 Edge popped up the error message ‘camera failed’ every time when they open the camera. If your phone is intact without any physical or liquid damage, you can check if it is a third-app which would cause the problem. Booting your Galaxy S6 Edge may help you determine the camera error.

Troubleshooting: Turn off your S6 Edge -> Press and hold the Power Key -> Release the Power Key when you see ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ on the screen -> Press and hold the Volume Down button until the S6 Edge finishes the restart -> Release the button when you see Sage Mode.

If your S6 Edge camera works in the safe mode, it means it were a third-app (which you have installed into your cell phone) causes the camera problem. If the camera does not work, it may either be the firmware or the hardware itself. Then you can replace the S6 Edge camera to fix the problem or turn to your provider for help.

★ The Last Solution to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

If you have tried all the above-mentioned troubleshooting but the problems still persist, you can attempt the last choice: a factory reset. Cautions! All your data of your Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 will be erased. Therefore, you must back up all your files and information before you try the factory reset. Remember! To get back into your accounts, you should keep your account login information and any two-factor security codes.

Factory Reset: Go to Settings -> Backup and reset -> Factory data reset -> Reset device. This will take at least 30 minutes to finish the reset.

Do you have other Galaxy S6 Edge problems? If so, please let us know in the following comments.