Given that the smartphone with a big display has occupied a large market share, Apple now expands its lineup with the biggest 5.5-inch iPhone 6S plus. The new handset features a new-fangled retina display with 3D touch, and you probably assume that this Apple’s new iPhone screen or the touch digitizer integrated with pliable glass cover would be unbreakable. But you’d be wrong. It isn’t solid enough as you think. Some iPhone 6S or 6S+ adopters reported that they encountered a broken iPhone display: a cracked, shattered, or damaged iPhone 6S or 6S Plus screen or dead pixels, color distortion and vertical lines on the Apple 6S or 6S+ LCD display. If you are the one of those who suffered the screen problems and look for screen repair, this step-by-step tutorial of fixing a broken iPhone 6S plus screen or display with replacement would help you.

Fix display replacement for broken Apple iPhone 6S plus screen repair step by step.

Required Tools: Pentalobe screwdriver, Plastic Opening Tools, Eject Pin, Tweezers, screen suction cup tool and prying tool

Required part: A new iPhone screen replacement – the iPhone 6S plus LCD and touch screen assembly with frame 

Step 1: Remember to power off your iPhone 6S plus and take out your SIM card.

Step 2: Start the 6S+ screen repair by unscrewing the two Pentalobe screws.

Tips: The two tiny screws are at the bottom of the device, and you’d better be careful to handle the screwdriver.

power off your iPhone 6S plus

Start the 6S+ screen repair

Step 3: With the screws out, now separate the 6S plus LCD display assembly from the rest of the body.

● Use a suction cup tool or iSclack tool to generate a gap between the 6S plus LCD assembly and the body.

● Use a case opening tool to insert the phone from either side of the frame to defeat the Apple 6S plus display adhesive and then release the iPhone screen assembly.

Tips: Like the Apple 6S, the iPhone 6S+ features an adhesive strip along the perimeter of the display assembly. Handle carefully to avoid any damage to the device.

separate the 6S plus LCD display assembly

Step 4: Unscrew the four screws securing the metal protection cover on iPhone 6S+ motherboard.

● To completely remove the 6S plus display assembly, you need to unscrew the four screws now and pluck the metal cover.

Unscrew the five screws on iPhone 6S plus motherboard

Step 5: Disconnect the iPhone 6S plus flex cable ribbon connectors to remove the display assembly.

● With the spudger, we can easily release the Apple 6S plus screen assembly part.

Note: According to iFixit, the iPhone 6S Plus display assembly weights in at 80g – while on last year’s 6 plus, it weighted a measly 60 g. This astonishing 33% increase in weight is all because of Apple’s new 3D Touch technology.

Disconnect the iPhone 6S plus cable

Step 6: Now the Apple iPhone 6S+ touch screen or digitizer assembly comes free.

● Note: This Apple 6S plus screen assembly part includes LCD and touch screen assembly, as well as the bracket, speaker and camera etc. Therefore, to fix cracked iPhone 6S plus screen with new replacement, you have to take out these stuff.

iPhone 6S+ touch screen or digitizer assembly part

Step 7: Remove the iPhone 6S plus bracket, speaker and the FaceTime camera step by step.

●Tips: There are three screws securing the metal bracket, so undo the screws firstly, then lift up the bracket covering the speaker. At last, remove the iPhone 6S plus front camera.

Remove the iPhone bracket, speaker

Step 8: Remove the Apple 6S+ LCD shield plate covering the 3D touch display assembly. 

● Tips: You need to unscrew the eight screws at first.

Remove the iPhone 6S+ LCD shield plate

Step 9: Extract the iPhone 6S plus home button assembly step by step. 

● Unscrew the two screws securing the bracket and pluck it.

● Extract the 6S plus home button assembly.

● Spudgering the flex cable connector of 6S plus home button connector.

Extract the iPhone 6S+ home button

Step 10: The disassembly of broken Apple iPhone 6S plus LCD and touch screen assembly is entirely finished. 

● Now you can take a new iPhone 6S plus display assembly replacement for the cracked screen repair. Assemble it in reversal. 

If you own an iPhone 6S and come across a cracked display, you can follow this guide for screen repair.

How to Repair a Cracked iPhone 6S Screen or Display

new 6S+ display assembly for the screen replacement

All photo sources: iFixit

Is it difficult to handle DIY iPhone 6s plus cracked screen repair?

Tips: According to iFixit, the iPhone 6S plus inherits a 7 out of 10 (10 is the easiest to repair) on the repairability scale and the iPhone 6S plus screen assembly continues to be the first component out, simplifying the 6S plus screen repairs with replacement. For broken iPhone screen repairs, we recommend you replace the whole cracked iPhone 6S plus LCD screen assembly with frame rather than only the glass, for replacing the glass cover without destroying the display is going to be very difficult.

We can conclude that fixing broken Apple 6S+ display with a new screen replacement is an easy job, you can step-by-step replace a new 6S plus display replacement under the instructions of a professional person. This repair video from YouTube is only for your reference.

How to DIY Replace a Cracked Screen for Apple iPhone 6S Plus? (Video)