After the Samsung Galaxy S6 was released, it received lots of complaints, such as the S6 camera glitch or bug, missing quick data toggle trouble, as well as the back cover peeling off problem.The complaints also include the normal cell phone problems: Wifi connection issues and poor battery life problems. In this post, we collect

some common Galaxy S6 problems and the related troubleshooting procedures.

Galaxy S6 problems and solutions

★ How to fix Galaxy S6 Wi-Fi drops, slowness or connect failure problem?

Most S6 users discover that their cell phones Wi-Fi connection is very slow or suddenly drops. Some would feel frustrated when they fail to connect the WiFi.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wifi problems

Samsung S6 Wi-Fi Troubleshooting:

● Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is available all the time. Go to Settings -> Tap Wi-Fi -> Tap More -> Tap Advanced -> Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always.

● Try to turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6 and your router for 1 minute, and then turn them on again to check if they are workable.

● Go to Setting -> WiFi -> Choose the network name -> Tap Forget network. After that, you are supposed to reconnect the Wifi by re-entering the password.

● Ensure your router firmware is up to date. If no, you can call your manufacturers or ISP to check about the updates.

How to fix the Galaxy S6 poor battery problem?

S6 battery drain issues

Most Galaxy fans would enjoy their new Galaxy S6 at the first month. However, they usually encounter the S6 poor battery life issue after a month of use. Here, we work out some useful solutions to fix the S6 battery issues.

Galaxy S6 Battery Solutions:

● If you don’t mind a reduced brightness, vibration and performance for your Galaxy S6. You can save your Samsung S6 battery life by setting the Galaxy S6 into a power saving mode. Go to Settings -> Tap battery -> Select Power saving mode.

●  You also can turn off the features you don’t use and set the Galaxy S6 screen brightness as low as you can without making reading trouble.

●  Usually, apps would consume a lot of Galaxy S6 battery, so go to Settings -> Battery -> Check out Battery Usage -> Turn off notifiations on those power-guzzling apps or replace them.

● Disabling some apps you don’t use would reduce the Galaxy S6 consumption. Go to Settings -> Application manager -> Tap on the application you don’t use on your S6 -> Disable or uninstall them.

● Reducing the Wi-Fi scanning function will help you save your Galaxy S6 battery life. Go to Settings -> WiFi -> More -> Advanced -> Turn off Always allow scanning.

●  It is reported that background syncing may cause plenty of battery drain, so you need to determine if you need all that syncing for your Galaxy S6. If no, you can turn off those syncing you don’t want. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Turn off anything you don’t need to sync in the background.

★ How to fix Galaxy S6 missing quick toggle for mobile data issues?

Galaxy S6 ‘Mobile Data’ toggle makes it easy for S6 owner to access it. However, the Samsung S6 Mobile Data toggle vanished from the Quick Settings. Customers are unable to find the Mobile Data in the list of notification and the Mobile Data does not apprear in the Quick Setting edit menu.

Samsung S6 mobile data issues

S6 Mobile Data Troubleshooting:

Samsung have officially patched the S6 Mobile Data bug through a QuickPanel Restore app launched in the Galaxy Apps store. The app is available for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Go to Galaxy Apps add -> Search ‘quickpanel restore’ -> Install the App -> Open the App -> Tap the ‘Restore’ button -> Check out the screenshot to see the mobile data toggle resotred to your Samsung S6 now. You can uninstall the QuickPanel Restore app after you finish the restore job.

search for Android quick panel apps

install the Samsung S6 app

★ How to solve the the Samsung Galaxy S6 back cover peeling off problem?

It is admitted that plenty people favor a removable back on their Samsung S6 to help them replace the S6 back panel if they want. However, the peeling off back cover for Galaxy S6 is not the problem they want to face. It may be caused by the poor adhesion if you don’t drop your S6 or expose it to water or prolong direct sunlight. We don’t mention that the Samsung S6 isn’t a sturdy cell phone, but it definitely indicates the S6 you hold is a manufacturing failure.

Samsung galaxy s6 bad back cover

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 Galaxy S6 Back Panel Solutions:

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 is under the warranty period, you can contact your provider to have the S6 replaced. You also can try a DIY replacement by re-sticking it. Using some very thin double-sided tape to re-stick it or applying some glue to the inside of the Galaxy S6 back cover. Handle it gently to avoid any damage to your loved Samsung Galaxy S6.

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