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Fix Apple iPhone 6S or 6S Plus Touch Screen Problem or Issues

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Comments on Apple iPhone 6S or 6S Plus Touch Screen Problems or Issues.

Description of Apple iPhone 6S or 6S Plus 3D touch not working problems:

– I picked up by Iphone 6S on Friday and have been using it for the last 2 days. It did not occur to me to test the 3D touch functionality until this morning.

This is when I realized that it seems to be not working. I have made sure that 3D touch is turned on in Settings and even attempted to change the sensitivity from Light to medium to firm. Even the image on the 3D touch sensitivity test does not pop.

What am I missing? Did I get a phone with bad hardware? I have a genius bar apt on Saturday but wanted to check if I am missing anything obvious. I have setup the phone as a new iphone and did not restore from my earlier iphone 6.

– I need help I got my iphone 6s plus on Friday and the 3d touch isn’t working properly as when I push hard it does vibrate but nothing else happens what should I do?

Description of iPhone 6S or 6S Plus hot home button or unresponsive touch screen problems:

– My iPhone 6s home button is really hot.I have had my phone since Friday, and this morning when I woke up the home button was burning hot and the screen is just black. I went to bed with it working just fine last night, plugged it in to charge, and now it won’t work. Nothing else is hot, not even the charging port, just the home button is on fire. I have had the phone unplugged for an hour and the button is still on fire.

– Just had the same problem on 6s 64gb. Phone was working fine all day. Went to use the phone and it wouldn’t power up, just a dark screen, and a very hot home button. I thought it might be an overheat due to the new case, but in researching overheat situations I saw that a triangular symbol should have popped up as a warning. The phone itself didn’t feel hot, just the home button.

– Also happened to me too, today. iPhone 6s 16GB just turned off by itself, with a black screen and totally unresponsive to hitting home button/power button/plugging in to charger/connecting to MacBook Pro with cable. When I touched the home button, it was scorching hot and I was almost unable to touch it.

– This happened to me overnight. All was working fine, then this morning alarm didn’t go off – phone was dead. The home button wicked hot and did the reset as suggested above.

– I hit snooze on my alarm this morning and went back to bed – woke up about 15 minutes later and tried to check my phone to see what time it was… I burnt my thumb and immediately dropped the phone back on the dresser. Now the phone won’t turn on – my wife told me to leave it at home and she would try to get it to work.


Potential Solutions to Fix iPhone 6S or 6S Plus 3D Touch Screen Problems.

Troubleshooting 1: You can first check out if your 3D touch function is active. To make sure the 3D toggle is on, you can go to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch.

Troubleshooting 2: If the setting is fine but the 3D Touch is still not working, it maybe a hardware issue, so you have to swap out your broken 6S or 6S plus for a new one.

Potential Solutions to Fix iPhone 6S or 6S Plus Hot Home Button Problems.

The hot 6S home button is in the case with 3D touch issues. Some iPhone 6S owners said their 6S home buttons are too hot to touch, and they have tried the wiping and restoring methods but fail. It can be assured that the 6S home button is a kind of hardware issues, so the best way to solve it is to swap out your new phone.

Potential Solutions to solve Apple iPhone 6S or 6S Plus Frozen Touch Screen Problems.

Troubleshooting 1: You can first turn the 6S off with the power button and turn it on again.

Troubleshooting 2: Reset your iPhone 6S by holding down the home button and the power button at the same time. The phone will turn back on after a few seconds with a workable touch screen.

Troubleshooting 3: When you try the first time and find it is unworkable, you can try again to make sure the issues are solved. Every time when you reboot your phone, you need to re-enter your passcode to access your apps and files, so make sure you have remembered your passcode before reseting your iPhone.

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