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Fix Galaxy Note 5 Jammed or Stuck S Pen Issue

galaxy note 5 stuck s pen

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Comments on Galaxy Note 5 Stuck or Jammed S Pen Problems or Issues

Description of Galaxy Note 5 Stuck S Pen Problem 1:

Some Samsung Note 5 users discovered that when they inserted the Note 5 stylus the wrong way, the S-Pen stuck in the slot. It’s obviously supposed to go in nib first, but if you slide the Note 5 S pen in end first, it may become stuck.

Description of Samsung Note 5 Jammed S Pen Problem 2:

Mere hours after getting my Note 5, I put the pen back in the hole without really looking at what I was doing, and stuck it in backwards. To my utter horror, I was then unable to extract it! I tried pushing, pulling, and wiggling it for several minutes without pulling too hard, and eventually it came out. BUT, my pen removal detection seems to have stopped working. Nothing happens when I pull the pen out anymore.

Description of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Stuck S Pen Issues 3:

The backwards pen of death got me too. I was watching a movie at home and accidentally put the pen in clicker side first. It goes in smooth but locks in there. I tried to wiggle it out and the clicker broke off inside the holster. This flaw seems like it could become a serious problem.

Description of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Jammed S Pen Issues 4:

I’m not really one to let my kids use my phone but sometimes i have to keep my 3 yr entertained if she ever forgot her leappad. After finding out the pen can go in backwards. She probably won’t be using my phone.

Source: androidcentral

Ways on Solving Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Jammed or Stuck S Pen problems or issues for your reference.

The First Potential Solution to Solve Stuck Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Problem:

Step 1: Cut a strip of paper.

Step 2: Curl the paper around a pen.

Step 3: Slide the piece of paper up the Note 5 holding bay.

Step 4: Slide the Galaxy Note 5 S-Pen out.

The Second Potential Solutions to Fix the Samsung Note 5 Issue with Jammed S Pen.

Step 1: Cut out a piece of plastic film.

Step 2: Cover the Note 5 S-Pen with the film and put the film to hit the bottom.

Step 3: Move it back and forth a few times.

Step 4: Move it back and forth until the Galaxy Note 5 S-Pen comes out.

Step 5: The Samsung Note 5 jammed or stuck S-Pen is out.

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