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Fix iPhone or iPad wifi connection problems after iOS 9 update

Fix iPhone or iPad wifi problems after iOS 9 update
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Comments on iPhone and iPad Wi-Fi connection, slow or dropping issues after iOS update

Wifi Problem 1: After updating to iOS 9, neither my iPhone 6 plus, nor iPad Air 2 can consistently connect to the wireless network. Two outcomes are occurring: either after the encryption key is submitted, the iPhone doesn’t acknowledge anything besides asking for the encryption key again; or it says incorrect passcode.  It would appear as though the encryption key handoff is either timing out, or incompatible with the network. Most likely, iOS 9 has inadvertently lost support for specific types of 802.11x networks, or it’s simply a bug.

Wifi Problem 2: I would also like to add that Wifi Assist may be at fault.  As part of my troubleshooting, I turned off Wifi assist.  Though the feature can prove useful in a wide variety of scenarios, the LTE around my neighborhood and university is very lacking; and I’m often left with 1x, and 3G if I’m lucky – which is why I turned it off originally.  Those of you with this problem might try and disabling “wifi assist.”  You can find it in: “Settings > Cellular > ‘Wifi Assist'” It’s at the very bottom, past all of your apps.  Unfortunately, this has not solved my problem 

Wifi Problem 3: OKay, my problem…I installed IOS9 and now when I try to go to the App Store, it says  “cannot connect to the App Store.”  I am able to still access  the ITunes Store (This part is good, Glory Be!).  Not having the App Store any longer is not good. The second problem I have:   Before when I surfed using Safari, loading pages were pretty fast.  I was a happy camper surfer. But now after installing IOS9, it takes approximately 15 seconds to load a website page, sometimes longer, usually I give up.  I have taken up swearing and grinding my teeth.  It’s unbecoming.  This is very frustrating.  I don’t know how to fix this.

Wifi Problem 4: I was having very similar problems. I have an iPhone 6 and a mini iPad Model MD503B/A. I upgraded both to IOS9 on the same day using the same internet connection (WiFi). I use a VPN app on both devices (Same software – multi device license). After installation the iPhone 6 worked perfectly, no issues. IOS9 great….! However, my mini iPad would not connect to the internet. It has a WiFi connection, but tells me no internet connection is available.

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Ways on Solving Apple iPhone or iPad iOS 9 Wi-Fi Connectivity issues or problems for your reference.

Step 1: Restart your iPhone or iPad to solve the problems connecting to wifi

Step 2: Fix wifi connecting problem for your iPhone under Airplane Mode

Step 3: Reset network settings to solve the common iPhone or iPad wifi problems.

Step 4: Forget Wi-Fi network to repair broken wifi issues.

Step 5: Disable location services to solve the problem connecting to wifi.

Step 6: Reboot your Apple or iPad, modem and router to repair the Wifi connection problem.

Step 7: Restore your iPhone or iPad to fix the wifi problems.

Step 8: Upgrade to the newest available iOS versions to repair broken Wifi problems.

Step 9: Upgrade to the newest available firmware to fix Wifi problems.

Step 10: Get support from Apple Genius to solve iPhone or iPad plus issue.

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