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Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Screen That Is Unresponsive or Freezing

samsung galaxy note 5 problems or issues

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Comments on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 unresponsive or shuts down unexpectedly problems or issues

Description of Note 5 Freezing or Unresponsive Screen Problem:

– So i just got my note 5 , 4 days ago and it seems to occur once or twice a day.
It can occur at lock screen , or suddenly im using the phone and the screen freezes/not respond for 2-3 seconds. Anyone has this issue? is this a software issue? or the screen itself? should i exchange at the store since still within 14 days?

Description of Galaxy Note 5 Freezing Touch Screen Problem:

– Having the same issue too. Hope I don’t need to replace, Samsung store in my area take ages to do replacements. They will investigate, test it, keep it for weeks before confirming if replacement is necessary…

Description of Samsung Note 5 Unresponsive Screen Issue:

– I’m having the same issue with my 64gb black note 5. About once a day when I press the home button to wake it, it’ll freeze up for a solid 5 seconds. I was hoping the latest update would fix it but it just happened again.

– I have the same problem, it will happens 2-3 times a day when I tried unlock the phone, I even replaced the phone but it still have the same problem, the apps I installed is all the basic apps that everybody use on a daily basis like face book, whatsup etc. nothing special, and I seldom install apps, it’s like only around 10 apps I’ve downloaded on the phone.

Description of Galaxy Note 5 Freezing Screen Issue:

– I think I may be having the same issue. Does the Spen work on the screen? It does for me. A few times a day the screen will go completely unresponsive to touch but the Spen still works.

Description of Frozen Samsung Note 5 Touch Screen Issue:

– Ok weird but i registeres a card to my samsung pay and so far havent had a freezing issue. Is that what could have made the note 5s freeze? Still love the phone but this past week and a half was the worst experience on a phone. Constantly booting the phone when it froze 5 times and freezing and lagging made this worst then any samsung note or phone I’ve had. So far I hope it was just a glitch that needed to have a card added to samsung pay.

Source: androidcentral forum

Ways on Fixing unresponsive or frozen Samsung Galaxy Note 5 touch screen issues or problems for your reference.

Troubleshooting 1: Reboot/soft reset your Note 5 to solve the freezing or unresponsive issues.

Troubleshooting 2: Clear the Note 5 Cache partition to solve the frozen screen problems.

Troubleshooting 3: Disable the related apps causing the unresponsive or freezing screen on Note 5.

Troubleshooting 4: Perform a Factory Reset to solve the unresponsive or freezing screen, randomly reboots, or unexpectedly shuts down on Galaxy Note 5.

Troubleshooting 5: Contact Samsung to fix the frozen screen on your Samsung Note5.

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