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Fix a Broken or Damaged Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+ Battery Reviews

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Reviews on replacing a broken or damaged Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+ battery with replacement

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General Info.:
Repairability Score: 4 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair)
Replacing Part: the damaged or broken Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Samsung S6 Edge+ battery
Version: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+

DIY Repair Evaluation:

Is it difficult to DIY change or fix broken or damaged Samsung S6 Edge Plus battery?

As the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the curved S6 Edge+ battery is non-removable, but replaceable. If you have the experience of DIY repair smartphone, replacing the S6 edge plus broken or damaged battery with new replacement is not much difficulty for you. If you want to change a broken s6+ battery, you can purchase a new s6 plus battery replacement part and the related repair tool on the Internet and follow the repair tutorial step by step to fix the broken battery. Considering DIY fix the broken s6 edge plus battery without experience would cause damage to your phone, we highly recommend you handle the broken S6 Edge plus battery repair under the instructions of a qualified person.

Battery Repair Tips:
●The S6 Edge+ battery replacement part you choose should be OEM/original, factory tested and brand new or A grade.
●The new Samsung edge plus battery should fix the malfunctioned or damaged battery problems, and the S6 edge+ battery should solve the battery draining fast, over-heating, or not charging well problems. You’d better test the functionality of the new Samsung S6 Edge Plus + battery before replacement.
● Fixing the s6 edge+ battery damaged or broken should be under the professional guidance of a qualified person.
● Replace the Samsung galaxy s6 battery replacement part for broken battery repair should be in a dry and dust free environment without direct sunlight.

The following repair tutorial of fixing damaged or broken Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+ battery step-by-step is for your reference.

Required Part: A new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ battery replacement part
Required Tools for fixing broken S6 edge plus battery: Heat gun or hair drier, Spudger, Plastic Opening Tools, Eject Pin, screen suction cup tool and prying tool, screwdriver tool.

Step 1: Power off your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and take out the SIM card tray.

Step 2: Remove the Galaxy S6 Plus glass battery door.

Step 3: Twist the 18 screws to remove the S6 Edge+ middle frame part.

Step 4: Remove the Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus rear panel.

Step 5: Disconnect the Samsung Galaxy S6+ battery connector.

Step 6: Remove the broken or damaged Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery part.

Step 7: Replace the Samsung S6 Edge+ battery with new replacement.

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How to Fix Broken Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ or Edge Plus Battery

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