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Reviews on fixing Samsung galaxy S6 edge camera failed problem

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Problem: Hi guys! I recently encountered a problem with my new Galaxy S6 Edge and I think you’d be the first one I’d tell you about it. I am not so sure what happened or what I’ve installed but the phone will now pop up the error message “camera failed” every time I open the camera. Prior to this, I was able to take a lot of pictures and it just frustrates me to be greeted with this error message every time I want to use the camera. I am not new to technology but this is my first Android phone (I’m a long time iPhone user) so please don’t be too hard on me. Thanks. — Sarah

How to Correct Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Camera Failed Error?

Some guys complained that their Android phone – S6 Edge popped up the error message ‘camera failed’ every time when they open the camera. If your phone is intact without any physical or liquid damage, you can check if it is a third-app which would cause the problem. Booting your Galaxy S6 Edge may help you determine the camera error.

Boot your phone in the safe mode: Turn off your S6 Edge -> Press and hold the Power Key -> Release the Power Key when you see ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ on the screen -> Press and hold the Volume Down button until the S6 Edge finishes the restart -> Release the button when you see Safe Mode.

 If your S6 Edge camera works in the safe mode, it means it were a third-app (which you have installed into your cell phone) causes the camera problem. If the camera does not work, it may either be the firmware or the hardware itself. Then you can replace the S6 Edge camera to fix the problem or turn to your provider for help.

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