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Solve Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+ Battery Problems or Issues

galaxy s6 edge plus battery problem

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Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+ poor battery life, quickly dying battery or fast battery drain issues or problems

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Fast Battery Drain Problem 1:

In safe mode I used the phone for few mins only and screen time was only 1 hr 45 mins (9% usage) and the cell standby and android OS was 30 hrs. So the battery lasted for 30 hrs in total only and as claimed by Samsung it should have lasted for 2-3 days in standby mode. And when I used the phone for texting at 20% as u can see in the graph then within 15 mins the battery dropped from 20% to 11%.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Battery Draining Fast Problem 2:

I recently bought this S6 edge plus and I have noticed that the battery is draining fast. The battery level dropped by almost 10% in 15-20 mins while I was just doing normal texting. I have used the phone in safe mode as well and in standby mode the phone just lasted for 24 hrs as opposed to 3 days of standby time as claimed by Samsung. So I was just wondering if there is an issue with my battery or with the phone or if this is normal in S6 edge plus?

Samsung S6 Edge+ or Edge Plus Battery Drain Issues 3:

I have already tried restarting the s6 edge plus and the problem still exists. And in terms of data I keep my wifi on and the apps that I use r only 3-4 like facebook, whatsapp, instagram. The main source of battery drainage is android system and screen? I was wondering is it possible that there is a problem with my battery and I should get it replaced? or it just could be a bug in the system that can go away after the marshmallow update? Coz originally I thought that there is a problem with my battery but now it seems like it could be an Android OS bug.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Battery Problem or Issues 4:

I have the EXACT same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus. I have tried every single thing about it to stop it from draining but its still dying so quickly.

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Ways on Solving Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+ battery issues or problems for your reference.

Troubleshooting 1: Find the running apps that drain most of your S6 Edge+ battery.

Troubleshooting 2: Put your Samsung S6 Edge+ into power saving mode to extend battery life.

Troubleshooting 3: Disable Location (GPS), Bluetooth, and LET to save your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery power.

Troubleshooting 4: Disable WiFi that drains your Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery fast when it’s not in use.

Troubleshooting 5: Turn off unwanted S6 Edge plus features can save battery power.

Troubleshooting 6: To save S6 Edge plus battery life, you can turn off notifications.

Troubleshooting 7: Disable or manage S6 Edge+ background sync to fix poor battery life issue

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