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Solve Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Wifi Connection Issues

Samsung Galaxy S6 Wifi problems

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Comments on Galaxy S6 Edge WIFI connectivity, slow or dropping problems

Galaxy S6 Edge Wifi Connecting Problem:

Hi all…just got my S6 edge yesterday and notice some unusual wifi behaviour. Whenever I am on wifi and setting up those new apps which require first login..e.g. Garmin connect,box,etc I always can’t login. ..but when I switch to mobile data (4G+) works.. thereafter I switch back to wifi and everything works as per normal. Is this a bug or just my set?

Samsung S6 Edge Galaxy Wifi Connectivity Problem:

I just got the S6 Edge as well and I have noticed wi-fi issues. On my old phone (HTC One M8) I would listen to music at night from google play and it just streams over my wifi with no issues. Last night when using the s6, it kept losing the stream and the music would stop. Finally, I just used my OTA data and no issues. Other wifi issues have included not loading FB, games, etc very fast or well via wifi, but it is fine over my data plan. Again, I had no issues like this with the HTC. Are there other reports of people having wifi issues like this coming in?

Galaxy S6 Edge Wifi Connection Issues or Problems:

Hi, I am with AT&T and also having the same issue. Actually my wifi works OK while I am in office, but keeps dropping connection frequently while I am at home. I have also tried the method to dial *#0011# to change the wifi Power saving mode, but it didn’t work for me. Is there anything relative to my router or what??

Wifi Problem on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

My WiFi keeps dropping out. I have to constantly toggle WiFi on & off. Had anyone figured out a solution to this?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Wifi Problem :

I was having issues with only some networks. Wifi would connect but really slow..

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Ways on Solving Samsung Galaxy S6 Wi-Fi Connection Problems for your reference:

Troubleshooting 1: Restart the Galaxy S6 to see if the Wi-Fi connectivity issues persist. Hold the power button -> Choose Restart

Troubleshooting 2: Reconnect the Wi-Fi is another solution to fix Galaxy S6 Edge wifi issues. Go to Setting -> WiFi -> Choose the network name -> Forget. After that, you are supposed to reconnect the Wifi by re-entering the password.

Troubleshooting 3: If the Samsung S6 Edge Wi-Fi connection problems still exist, you can try WiFi -> More -> Advanced -> Turn on Always allow scanning and Keep WiFi on during sleep.

Troubleshooting 4: Try to restart your router by unplugging the router from power for 30-60 seconds to fix the S6 Edge Wifi problem.

Troubleshooting 5: When all the previous options do not help you fix the Wi-Fi problem with your S6 Edge phone, you can restart your modem to check if the Wi-Fi problem is caused by your modem.

Troubleshooting 6: You also can search for your router name and instructions to check out if your firmware is updated or turn to your manufacturers or ISP for help.

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