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Solve Samsung Galaxy S6 Poor Battery Life Problems or Issues

S6 battery drain issues

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Comments on Galaxy S6 Battery Draining Fast and Poor Battery Life Issues

Description of Galaxy S6 Battery Drains Fast Problem:

Over 6 hours of SOT on an S6?! That is the kind of battery I get on my 6P with 850mah more of a battery!
Anyways glad to hear doze finally fixes the idle battery drain, that should help my S6 a lot. I do not know how you guys get screen time at the top. Even when I am on WiFi all day with about 25% screen brightness I am getting about 4.5 hours of SOT with Cell Standby and Android System STILL at the top. It just does not make sense how this cell radio can drain so much, especially while on wifi and in pretty good signal area (4 out of 5 bars usually). 4.5 hours is pretty good for this size battery on WiFi but still just does not make sense.

Description of Samsung Galaxy S6 Poor Battery Issue:

Just came back to my S6 after about a momth of using my new 6P and there was the update to DOJC firmware soon as I booted. I updated all my apps first then did the software update.

I had worse battery life than I remembered. Getting only like 1 hour 40 minutes screen on time. Before I could usually get close to 3 hours almost. So I cleared all cache on the phone and did the first restart since the restart of the update. That did not help. It’s still just as bad and I only have screen brightness at about 30% with nfc and blue tooth off too.

Guess it looks like I will be doing a factory rest tonight. Only 33% battery left and only gotten 1 hour 8 minutes of screen on time right now. The Android System and cell radio and sucking power like there is no tomorrow!

Description of Samsung S6 Battery Fast Draining Problem:

I ended up discovering it’s my signal that drains it at work I think. Because I can get almost 4 SOT now at home on wifi. But it’s kind of strange my M9 OR 6P doesn’t drain nearly that fast in poor signal. Sure they drain faster in poor signal, but not that fast.

I will turn LTE off and just do WCDMA/GSM setting. That should keep it from switching back and forth between LTE and 4G. That way stays on 4G only when I’m at work. I’ll update next week if that resolved it at work.

Description of Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Fast Draining Issue:

I do really like my S6 though. It is an upgrade to my M8 in most aspects, just not the battery (nor audio, but that’s liveable). Quick charge and qi somewhat makes up for it I suppose.

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Ways on Solving Galaxy S6 fast battery drain or poor battery problems for your reference.

Troubleshooting 1: You can save your Samsung S6 battery life by setting the Galaxy S6 into a power saving mode. Go to Settings -> Tap battery -> Select Power saving mode.

Troubleshooting 2: You also can turn off the features you don’t use and set the Galaxy S6 screen brightness as low as you can without making reading trouble.

Troubleshooting 3: Usually, apps would consume a lot of Galaxy S6 battery, so go to Settings -> Battery -> Check out Battery Usage -> Turn off notifications on those power-guzzling apps or replace them.

Troubleshooting 4: Disabling some apps you don’t use would reduce the Galaxy S6 consumption. Go to Settings -> Application manager -> Tap on the application you don’t use on your S6 -> Disable or uninstall them.

Troubleshooting 5: Reducing the Wi-Fi scanning function will help you save your Galaxy S6 battery life. Go to Settings -> WiFi -> More -> Advanced -> Turn off Always allow scanning.

Troubleshooting 6: You can turn off those Galaxy S6 syncing you don’t want to save power. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Turn off anything you don’t need to sync in the background.

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