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Solve the Common Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Issues or Problem

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Comments on Galaxy S6 Edge Notification, WiFi, Auto Brightness, and Camera Failed Error problems

Descriptions on Galaxy S6 Edge Notification Problems:

– I checked my settings, I have them set to on for the edge notifications. I send myself email, get texts, while phone is face down, and the edge never lights up. Anybody else experiencing issues? Mine is a AT&T 32gb Edge

Description on Galaxy S6 Edge Wifi Problems:

– I just got the S6 Edge as well and I have noticed wi-fi issues. On my old phone (HTC One M8) I would listen to music at night from google play and it just streams over my wifi with no issues. Last night when using the s6, it kept losing the stream and the music would stop. Finally, I just used my OTA data and no issues. Other wifi issues have included not loading FB, games, etc very fast or well via wifi, but it is fine over my data plan. Again, I had no issues like this with the HTC. Are there other reports of people having wifi issues like this coming in?

– Hi, I am with AT&T and also having the same issue. Actually my wifi works OK while I am in office, but keeps dropping connection frequently while I am at home. Is there anything relative to my router or what?? Thanks.

Description on Auto Brightness Glitch/Bug for Galaxy S6 Edge:

– Does anyone else get this issue? I love having my brightness cranked to the fullest to see all the beautiful colors and sharpness of the screen. I noticed the other night while in my living room, the screen was dimmer than normal it made the whites have a yellow tint to it. Well case in point i checked my brightness settings and they were cranked up along with Auto Brightness turned off.

– just got my phone today and am having same exact problem. under flurescent lights or outside the brightness will automatically max out but in darker lighting it dims without having any auto brightness or power save on. i called tmobile and they are unaware of this. weird

Description on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Camera Failed Error:

– sad i just got home from the store (the phone was nearly dead had charge it) come home and the camera wont work at all
says it fails and closes =/ restarted it more then once.

– Hi guys! I recently encountered a problem with my new Galaxy S6 Edge and I think you’d be the first one I’d tell you about it. I am not so sure what happened or what I’ve installed but the phone will now pop up the error message “camera failed” every time I open the camera. Prior to this, I was able to take a lot of pictures and it just frustrates me to be greeted with this error message every time I want to use the camera.

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Ways on Fixing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Problems or Issues for your reference

1) Solutions to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Notification Not Working Problems:

If you find the notifications do not work, you can try the solution: go to Settings -> Edge Screen -> Select notifications. If you want to select more apps to be shown on the notifications, you can go to Settings -> Edge Screen -> Information Stream -> Tap the feed.

2) Solutions to set specific apps on Galaxy S6 Edge notifications:

To enable the notification display on top of the Notification Panel, S6 Edge users can set app notification as priority. Troubleshooting: Go to Settings -> Tap Sounds and notifications -> Tap App notifications -> Select the apps -> Tap the slider next to set to turn it on

3)Solutions to fix Galaxy S6 Edge Wifi Problems:

Go to Setting -> WiFi -> Choose the network name -> Forget. After that, you are supposed to reconnect the Wifi by re-entering the password. If it does not work, you can go to WiFi -> More -> Advanced -> Turn on Always allow scanning and Keep WiFi on during sleep. If you still experience the S6 Edge Wifi connetion problem, you can restart your S6 Edge by Hold the power button -> Choose Restart, then check if the Wifi problem is fixed. If no, try the solution: Restart your router by unplugging the router from power for about 1 minute.

4)Solutions to Fix the Auto Brightness Glitch/Bug on Galaxy S6 Edge:

The phone automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on the amount of receiving light even though you turn off the auto brightness. It can be considered as a S6 Edge glitch or bug, and factory or hard reset won’t work and no ways to fix it. Anyway, the phone bug is far from being annoying, but if you pursuit perfection, you can wait until Samsung releases a patch to address this auto brightness issue.

5) Solutions to Correct Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Camera Failed Error:

Booting your Galaxy S6 Edge may help you determine the camera error.
Troubleshooting: Turn off your S6 Edge -> Press and hold the Power Key -> Release the Power Key when you see ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’ on the screen -> Press and hold the Volume Down button until the S6 Edge finishes the restart -> Release the button when you see Safe Mode.
If your S6 Edge camera works in the safe mode, it means it were a third-app (which you have installed into your cell phone) causes the camera problem. If the camera does not work, it may either be the firmware or the hardware itself. Then you can replace the S6 Edge camera to fix the problem or turn to your provider for help.

6) The Last Solution to Fix the Common Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Problems

If you have tried all the above-mentioned troubleshooting but the problems still persist, you can attempt the last choice: a factory reset. Cautions! All your data of your Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 will be erased. Therefore, you must back up all your files and information before you try the factory reset. Remember! To get back into your accounts, you should keep your account login information and any two-factor security codes.

Factory Reset: Go to Settings -> Backup and reset -> Factory data reset -> Reset device. This will take at least 30 minutes to finish the reset.

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