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Reviews on Samsung Galaxy S6 Common Problems:

Comments on Galaxy S6 missing quick toggle for mobile data issues:

– Today I switch on mobile data using the toggle in notification area and the turn off after some usage. Later on, I tried to turn on again and the toggle disappeared? How do I make it show up again? No software update was done.

– It was there y’day but today the data toggle and mobile hot spot are both missing on the notification bar.
A lot of users are facing the same issue. Is there a FIX ?

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Comments on Samsung Galaxy S6 back cover peeling off problem

Several weeks ago, we discovered a shocking problem with our in-office Galaxy S6. For no known reason, the back cover began peeling off. After several weeks of inquiry and chasing Samsung, we’ve been told that the source of the problem was a faulty battery.

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Ways on Fixing Samsung Galaxy S6 Common Problems or Issues for your reference

1) Solutions to fix Galaxy S6 missing quick toggle problems:

Samsung has officially patched the S6 Mobile Data bug through a QuickPanel Restore app launched in the Galaxy Apps store. The app is available for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Go to Galaxy Apps add -> Search ‘quickpanel restore’ -> Install the App -> Open the App -> Tap the ‘Restore’ button -> Check out the screenshot to see the mobile data toggle resotred to your Samsung S6 now. You can uninstall the QuickPanel Restore app after you finish the restore job.

2) Solutions to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 back cover peeling off issue

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 is under the warranty period, you can contact your provider to have the S6 replaced. You also can try a DIY replacement by re-sticking it. Using some very thin double-sided tape to re-stick it or applying some glue to the inside of the Galaxy S6 back cover. Handle it gently to avoid any damage to your loved Samsung Galaxy S6.

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