A number of Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+ owners these days complained that they met the battery or wireless charging problems, like reduced Edge+ battery usage length, not charging properly, fast battery drain or not working fast charging. The S6 Edge+ battery is non-removable, so replacing the problematic battery with a new battery replacement seems to be difficult. But you can check the S6 Edge Plus battery that is in question by yourself before having it replaced. To help you fix the S6 Edge Plus battery or charging problems, we roundup potential solutions for you.

If you meet the Galaxy S6 Edge plus charging issues, you can learn from the following fixes to solve the problems.

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samsung galaxy s6 edge plus charging problems

1) Galaxy S6 Edge Plus battery issue: not charging properly

Some Samsung users complained that when they try to charge their S6 Edge+, the device shows “dock is connected” message, while the fast charging is not working.

Potential solutions to S6 Edge+ battery not charging properly problem

● Use the original S6 Edge+ battery charger

The S6 Edge plus is designed to be with the fast charging feature, and the charger coming with the phone in the box is a fast charger. Compared with the standard Samsung charger, this original S6 Edge plus charger is supposed to have the function that charging the phone quicker. If you meet the S6 edge+ charging problem, you can consider switching your current charger to another new one. The original Samsung charger designed for S6 Edge Plus is highly recommended.

2) S6 Edge+ battery problem: Fast charging not working as expected

With the Samsung original fast charger, the Galaxy S6 Edge plus is supposed to be fully charged in one hour and 30 minutes, but some owners found this didn’t happen at some time.

Potential solutions to S6 Edge+ battery fast charging not working as expected
Apply a new S6 edge plus charging cable

When you face the S6 Edge+ charging problem, you can unplug the cable from the wall charger and place it back in properly to see if the charging speed recovers to be normal. If the S6 edge plus fast charging didn’t perform at the expected speed, you need to check out the charging cable itself, which may be a faulty USB cable. Change the questionable S6 Edge plus cable with a new one to re-charge your device and see if the problem still persists.

● Repair the broken S6 Edge+ charging port part with a new replacement to solve the charging issues.

The broken Galaxy Edge plus charging port would create charging problems. If you test your phone and find the charging issue is caused by damaged charging port, you can try DIY repair the broken S6 Edge+ USB board.

● Fix problematic S6 Edge+ battery with a new replacement to solve the charging problems.

When you have tried a new S6 Edge plus charger, but the battery charging problem has not been solved. The problem seems to be on the faulty battery side. If your S6 Edge+ is still under warranty, you can contact Samsung or your carrier to pick up a new S6 Edge plus battery replacement or ask them to repair your phone. If your Galaxy S6 Edge+ is out of warranty period, you can try to purchase a new Edge+ battery replacement part and DIY repair it to save money.

Also we work you through some tips to help you protect your S6 Edge plus battery from charging problems.

Tip 1: Take care of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus or Edge+ battery.

The most important thing to avoid the battery problem on your S6 Edge+ is taking care of the battery and charging your device correctly. Dropping your S6 Edge plus or getting it soaked in water is not allowed.

Tip 2: Insert the Microusb cable to the S6 Edge Plus charging port correctly.

It is common that when children play smartphone, they just simply force or move the charging jack up and down when plugged into the S6 Edge plus, which will increase the risk of damaging S6 Edge+ charging port. Also, if you fell some resistance when putting the jack into the S6 Edge plus charging port, you have to stop plugging and check out if you have the ends inverted.

Tip 3: Unplug the Samsung S6 Edge+ after full charge.

Unplugging your S6 edge plus after full charge can save energy and ensure battery longevity. In hence, you need to keep in mind that you’d better not leave your S6 edge edge+ charged for a long time.

Do you have other S6 edge plus or edge+ problems including charging and battery? If so, please let us know in the comments below.

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