It is difficult to find out what is the exactly iPhone app you want, for navigating the iOS App Store is usually overwhelming at times. Although iPhone app categories – like Photo & Video, Business, Social Networking and Productivity are provided for you, with well over a million iOS Apps, it has an impossibly large number of choices for you.

In this post, we walk you through some great or free iPhone apps for your options.

 The Best or Free iPhone Apps for Download

1) The Classic iPhone Email App – Microsoft Outlook

Mobile apps dealing with email are catching up fast, even though we consider the best way to manage email is still at the desktop. So which ones can help you get the closest to inbox zero nirvana? Here we recommend one classic Email App for iPhone and iPad for you to download – Microsoft Outlook, which is regarded as the best iPhone email app by The Verge.

As an official email app for iPhone, Microsoft Outlook makes your life easier by combining email, contacts, and calendars into one mail app for your access. What’s more, the free iPhone app – Outlook helps you sort and prioritize your messages with the most important filtered into a focused tab and the rest placed in another to be dealt with later. It has the function to provide you with one unified view of your email, calendar, contacts, and attachments. In hence, it is easy for you to get in touch with schedule meetings, set reminders, and attach files. With this app for iPhone, you can organize your messages according to the importance levels and focus a cluttered inbox. Most importantly, it is free, why not download this iPhone app for a try?

iPhone email app for download

The Main Features of Microsoft Outlook App for Apple iPhone:

  • Combines emails, contacts, and calendars into one mail app for accessibility
  • Sorts and prioritizes your messages with filters
  • Organize your messages depending on the importance
  • Schedule meetings, set reminders, and attachments across all of your accounts
  • Focus a cluttered inbox and consolidate important information into one app

2) The Experienced File Editor App for iPhone – Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe is a massive company, which launches the free file viewer and editor mobile app – Adobe Acrobat Reader. The free app make you easily get access to your projects, presentations, and reports by opening, viewing and sharing PDFs from your iPhone. The Adobe’s file reader app goes beyond simple file reading, it also can help you fill and sign forms with ease. This iPhone app users are advised to take advantage of Adobe Mobile Link—just turn it on in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader—which makes your recently viewed files available across all of your devices. Most importantly, all your files will continue to be synced to your account and therefore available from all devices as long as you stay logged into your account. It is a necessary PDF file viewer and editor app for iPhone users to download. It is free!

Apple iOS Adobe Acrobat Reader App

The Main Features of iOS Adobe Acrobat Reader App

  • View files easily
  • Comment on the files to offer feedback
  • Leave yourself notes to refer to later
  • Fill and sign forms
  • Easily acess your recently viewed files
  • Make your files continue to be synced to your account when you keep logging in.

3) The High-efficient iPhone App for Work – Evernote

If you want to work in high-efficiency and boost your productivity, you can try the note-taking app for iPhone – Evernote. It combines all your notes, ideas, images, and tasks in one place. It is more than a note-taking app, it also can create checklists you want and clip webpages for later reference in one uncluttered workspace. In hence, your plans for ‘work to do list’, ‘travel map’, ‘beautiful posters collections’ or ‘world history paper notes’ can be organized well with Evernote app. It can help you work well by syncing across all your devices and share and discuss pages, so you can take the hassle out of collaborative work. It’s free, so you can download this iPhone app to try.

Download Evernote App for iPhone

The Main Features of Evernote App for iPhone

  • All your notes, ideas, images, and tasks in one place
  • Syncs across all your devices to avoid fret about switching between devices.
  • Note-taking, create checklists, clip webpages in one uncluttered workspace
  • Share and discuss pages, taking the hassle out of collaborative work
  • Help you work, boost your productivity.

4) The Simple iPhone App for Work –

To boost your productivity, you have Evernote and OneNote apps to choose from. But for those people who consider both of them seem a bit too involved for your liking, this free mobile app – will bridge the gap. This free app is suitable for you to download, for it’s a to-do list that help you keep your lists more organized by separating your tasks according to specific areas of your life. It is satisfying that the app enables you cross an item off lists easily and syncs between mobile, tablet, desktop and browser so that your lists are updated in time. This simple iPhone app is free to download.

The Simple iPhone App for Work –

The above-mentioned best iPhone apps are for your references. You can decide if these mobile apps are what you need and download them from Apple iOS Store to make your life easier. Have you found any good iPhone apps? If so, please let us know in the following comments.